Tuesday, December 12, 2017

T2W3 Tuesday

Mental Health
Beginning Class assignment:

  • Read pages 50 to 54 and answer the questions from page 54 on a blog post titled textbook: Building Your Self-Esteem. (20-25 minutes)

Today you will be designing and acting out a skit. The skit will show two things: it will show an example of negative self talk, and an example of positive self talk, regarding a given situation.

Example situations:
  1. Really negative comment on Instagram post
  2. Injured and can’t do something you love doing.
  3. Get left behind by friends (excluded).
  4. You do something on purpose that you feel really badly about.
  5. You have a group assignment that you really don’t want to have to do.
You will meet with your group where you all choose, and develop a skit with 2 parts: Negative/ Positive

You will also develop the rubric by which you will be graded.

Next question: Allow video or no?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Health: term 2 week 3 Monday

Welcome back you all! Today we are going to start off with a game, so be ready to go outside to the practice soccer field right when class begins. Don’t bring your phone or headphones, you won’t need them.

When we come back in from the game, we will do a little fishing. When the fishing is over, you will write a blog post about the game, which should only take 5 to 7 minutes.

After the blog post has been written, we are going to discuss the content from your reading assignments on Friday, and I have an assessment for you to take regarding that content.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

We began talking about mental illness: what’s next?

We covered a lot of material with Miss Amy. Today we are going to spend some time processing it, and learning some technological skills so that we can share our new knowledge in a very professional way.

Today will be dedicated to continuing to be effective communicators.

The work today is going to require you to be creative, reflective, cooperative, and focused.

1. Survey
2. Groups from yesterday: you will get a large sheet of paper and a set of markers. For 15 minutes, you will create a bubble map of Miss Amy’s presentation and everything you guys can remember from it. You may work inside the classroom or outside of the classroom during this time.
3. Computer science “lecture”

4. Blog work: today you will embed a new google drawing into a new blog post.

5. Go back to your Google drawing and create a bubble map with the top three most important topics from your bubble map (in your opinion). Please include 3 to 5 details for each of the topics. Please verbally let me know when you are finished.
6. Read pages 11 to 16 in the textbook, and answer the questions on page 16, #1 through 11, in a new blog post titled Textbook: Health and Wellness.

Miss Amy: Perspectives

Monday, December 4, 2017

Period 5 Week 2 Health

Welcome back! Today we will start with a practice quiz on the nervous system, and then go over the answers. By practicing, you will get better and better, and do just fine when the test comes.

After the quiz, we will go outside for an activity called "The Orb". It should take us about 15 minutes.

Then we will come back inside and "Go Fishing" based on "The Orb".

After fishing, I would like you to write a blog post titled:

"My reaction to The Orb"

(we only got this far...)

Period 2 Week 2 Health

Nervous System Practice Quiz

Today: Read pages 50 to 54, and then answered the review questions on page 54 numbers 1 to 9 on a new blog post titled "Textbook: Building your Self Esteem".

Student Post of the Week

T2W3 Tuesday