Wednesday, October 16, 2019

T1W9 Day 3

Yesterday's Whiteboard:

The Key Point I was pointing out was that our emotions are signaling to us that we are comfortable or uncomfortable, and that feeling is an indication that our needs are either met or unmet.

The way I see it:
Our defense mechanisms, which are the behaviors we do in order to survive and get through the uncomfortable feelings, can either help us survive, or prevent us from growing, so if we become aware of them and learn to face them, we can grow (towards self-actualization).

Today, we will go to the Library for several things:

1. Complete your notes for the article (pink sheet)
(Podcast of article in Google Classroom for AUDITORY LEARNERS)

2. Write Questions for the Socratic Seminar (Friday) on the white sheet.

3. Evaluate the PSA from Josh, Emery, Lindsay. (Google Classroom).

4. Work on finishing the PSA Project.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

T1W9 Days 1, 2

Monday: Quizlet with new words from the article due Wednesday.
Slideshow: Emotions: We discussed Emotional Health and took notes.

PSA Rubric: see Google Classroom


  • Quizlet Live

  • PSA grading
    • Notes on Emotional Health
    • Time to read article: If you are finished, "Developing Open-Ended Questions"

    Friday, October 11, 2019

    T1W8 Days 4,5

    Thursday I gave a pink Cornell Notes page with a QR code on it, linked to an article.
    We did not read the article yet, but I did have your draw the Diagram from the board onto the pink sheet. I also had you write down in the Key Ideas section, the first "big questions" from the Emotional Health slideshow.
    Then we worked in the Library on the PSA Project.

    Today, we will start off with Media Literacy: Media Ownership. Please take notes on a new sheet of paper, and make sure there is a summary section at the end. (15)

    Pink Sheets out, phones out- scan the QR code, skim the article, write down any words you don't know the meaning of. Look up those words and write the definitions on the pink sheet.

    Once you have done that, read the article, while looking for, and highlighting/annotating important points that relate back to emotions, needs, communication, and promoting good health. (15)

    PSA work

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    T1W8 Day 3

    I see people putting a lot of effort into trying to make a worthwhile message. I want to encourage this effort, what I see and hear from our conversations makes me hopeful that we can help people quit or never start a vaping habit.

    Today I'd like to review where each group is at, so we can get a big-picture "lay of the land" in terms of what you are working on. This will be a group "status report". This will help me make some decisions about how much time we have to work on this particular project, as we still have several important units to cover.

    Tuesday, October 8, 2019

    T1W8 Days 1 and 2

    Yesterday we reviewed Defense Mechanisms and Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco vocabulary, then continued with development of an Anti-Vaping P.S.A.

    We ended the day with writing the "message" into a Google Doc, along with what the perceived pros and cons to the message might be.

    Today, we will analyze the psa from "The Real Cost Campaign" (slide 20) to try to understand what they are targeting (Maslow's Hierarchy of needs).

    We will then continue with developing the PSA, and end with sharing out the PSA messages, and analyzing them.

    Friday, October 4, 2019

    T1W7 Day 5

    I didn't make a day 4. Oops.

    Media Literacy

    Public Service Announcements PSA
    My Example

    Methods for your PSA
    1. Groups of 3
    2. Review Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    3. Research (Read and go through) the rest of the slideshow and write down questions you have. (Open-ended or not).
    4. Review Positive Youth Development > Social Media and Other Campaigns
    5. Develop an idea for a PSA and start putting it together.

    Wednesday, October 2, 2019

    T1W7 Day 3

    Quizlet with new words for Defense Mechanisms: Dealing with difficult emotions

    Tobacco Slideshow/ Notes and Questions

    Student Post of the Week

    T1W9 Day 3